Website Redesign

Client: Underground Distributing

During my time at Underground Distributing, I was approached by the VP to revamp the company brand and website.
My goal in the revamp was to create a website that was visually interesting and improve the functionality of the website. By surveying other websites in the same field, I was able to establish elements in the website design that not only accomplished the goals I had in the revamp but were able to showcase the values and ethos of the company.
Presenting the revamped branding and webpage garnered genuine enthusiasm from the VP. Despite the untimely closure of Underground Distributing, our positive working relationship persisted, and I've remained actively involved in contributing to her ongoing ventures.
"Breann consistently goes above and beyond for their clients. They have the ability to tap into a company's ethos to create one-of-a-kind art/graphics that stay true to the branding. One of the main things that I treasure is the ability to collaborate with them - feeling confident that my opinion matters and is taken into account as different variations are made. I'm excited to continue working with them in the future."

- Maria Corpuz, Former VP of Underground Distributing, Current Owner of Bel Merch